Fire In The Hole — a limited pop-up noodle store!

Have you tried Wrong Ramen in Burgos Circle? I did, back in 2013. I wasn’t too impressed by the offerings back then and so I have to admit I was kind of iffy when I was invited to check out Fire In The Hole, a limited pop-up Wrong Ramen store at Hole In The Wall in Century City Mall.

Fire In The Hole at Hole In The Wall

What differentiates Fire In The Hole from Wrong Ramen is the menu. Fire In The Hole offers nothing but spicy fare. I was kind of afraid to go have lunch there because I couldn’t imagine having all spicy food in one meal.

Fire In The Hole at Hole In The Wall

There are only 5 items in the menu — 3 noodle dishes, 1 rice dish,  and 1 dessert. You can actually choose the level of spicy-ness you’re most comfortable with: Mild, Spicy, Flaming. I had everything set to Mild.

So after ordering we went to find a table.
Fire In The Hole at Hole In The Wall
Korean Army Soup (P390)

Okay so the first noodle dish out was the Korean Army Soup. It’s easily the most intimidating ramen variant of all because the soup base is tonkotsu spiced up with kimchi. But I like kimchi so I didn’t hesitate to try. It’s actually mildly spicy and a bit tart because of the kimchi, I liked that it had slices of fish cake. Well it also had spam, sausage, and tofu. It’s not as daunting as the name makes it out to be and I actually kind of enjoyed it.

Fire In The Hole at Hole In The Wall
Thai Red Curry with Braised Pork Rib (P390)

Thai Red Curry with Braised Pork Rib is hands down my favorite dish at Fire In The Hole. It reminds me of my favorite Signature Happiness Ramen at Hanamaruken with its rich tonkotsu broth. This one is spiced up with red curry and chili. I really liked it — it’s not overwhelming and the mild spicy setting is just right. The pork rib is melt-in-your-mouth tender and flavorful. I recommend ordering this one if you’re trying out Fire In The Hole.

Fire In The Hole at Hole In The Wall
Hot Prawn and Fish Head Laksa (P390)

A lot of food bloggers have been raving about the Hot Prawn and Fish Head Laksa but I beg to differ. I liked this the least because of the fishy scent which kind of bothered me. The tonkotsu broth is the same as with the other two ramen variants but this one is infused with coconut milk which complements the chilis perfectly. I think I’d enjoy this more if the fish head wasn’t in the bowl, lol. But that’s just me — I don’t like the way fish head looks (I find it unappetizing), smells, and tastes. All three noodle dishes use hakata noodles cooked perfectly al dente so they’re chewy and firm at the same time.

Spicy Dandan Rice (P290)

If you’re not a ramen person, you can go for the Spicy Dandan Rice. It’s a unique take on fried rice as this one is cooked with hot peanut sauce, chashu flakes, fried egg, and crispy chicken skin. They use Japanese rice so the texture is quite lovely. I’d describe this as a very umami dish since each spoonful explodes with a wild array of flavors. It’s so tasty you can eat it as is without any viand.

Fire In The Hole at Hole In The Wall
Coconut Ice Cream In Shell (P290)

The last (but definitely not the least) item on the menu is the Coconut Ice Cream In Shell which is really the perfect dessert given the savory food choices at Fire In The Hole. Creamy made-from-scratch coconut ice cream is infused with lime, topped with whipped cream, and sprinkled with a bit of chili powder. It’s very refreshing, light, and yet creamy (I never thought these three adjectives could come together for ice cream). Definitely a must-try! You can even scoop out the tender coconut meat from the shell to eat with the ice cream.
Disclaimer: Three of us shared all the above dishes, I couldn’t possibly handle everything myself lol.

Fire In The Hole will be open for a limited time, specifically only until Dec. 31, 2015. Do drop by over the holidays for a unique flavor experience — I recommend going for the Thai Red Curry Braised Pork Rib, Spicy Dandan Rice, and Coconut Ice Cream In Shell. 😀

Fire In The Hole @ Hole In The Wall
4/F Century City Mall
Kalayaan Ave., Makati City

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