FERN-C kidz: Your Children’s Holiday Health Buddy!

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! Christmas is the time to celebrate with family and friends. It’s a time of happy cheers and festivities. It’s also the worst time to get sick. Ironically, due to the change in climate that comes with the -ber months, a lot of people actually do get sick.

Fern-C KidzThis holiday season, make sure to protect your family, especially your kids, from catching infectious diseases. Let kids enjoy the holidays in the best of health by boosting their immunity. That said, FERN-C kidz is your children’s holiday health buddy.

Fern-C KidzFERN-C kidz uses Sodium Ascorbate, the non-acidic form of vitamin C. This makes FERN-C kidz less acidic compared to other vitamin C supplements in the market. Based on the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s vitamin C studies, Sodium Ascorbate is more reactive in building connective tissues and antibody structures. This enables the vitamin C to be easily absorbed by the body. Your kids get to reap the full benefits of vitamin C.

FERN-C kidz is also formulated with Zinc which further builds resistance from illnesses and common diseases. Our pediatrician has always prescribed vitamin supplements with Zinc to further boost the kids’ immune system. Zinc is also essential for their growth, sensory, and cognitive development.

FERN-C kidz comes from the makers of FERN-C, the no. 1 Sodium Ascorbate vitamin C brand in the Philippines. It is the only vitamin C syrup that has the Quali-C seal, which stands for world class quality. Given this, you are assured of the product’s quality and efficacy.

FERN-C kidz comes in a pleasant orange flavor that children will find easy to take. It is available in drugstores, supermarkets and FERN Kiosks nationwide at suggested retail prices of Php62.00 per 60mL bottle and Php119.00 per 120mL bottle.

Make sure your children fully enjoy this season’s celebrations by giving them FERN-C kidz, your Children’s Holiday Health Buddy!

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