Cold Layers Cafe in Fisher Mall, Quezon City

I love snow ice. I actually prefer it to ice cream. I still consider the dessert called First Crush from Cold Layers in Greenhills before as one of my favorite desserts. The place closed down though, only to reopen as Cold Layers Cafe in Fisher Mall here in Quezon City. So yay it’s on my turf!

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall

We were invited to visit Cold Layers Cafe in Fisher Mall some weeks ago.

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
French Onion Soup

I was surprised because they are now a full-blown cafe offering a wide selection of hot meals. Hubby had this French Onion Soup. Although it was offered to us it wasn’t anywhere in the menu because it’s a relatively new selection. It’s yummy! I’ll update this when I find out how much it costs.

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
Pumpkin Soup

Just to try something different, I had the Pumpkin Soup. I found it comforting. I prefer the French Onion Soup but this is okay too. I could tell they used real pureed pumpkins.

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
Cold Layers Pasta (P200)

Then we tried Cold Layers Pasta, a dish comprised of ziti cooked al dente in a mix of tomato and cream sauce then sprinkled with parmesan cheese. It’s served with garlic bread on the side. It’s good! I think my kids will like this too.

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
Breaded Fish Fillet (P220)

What do you know, Cold Layers Cafe serves rice meals too! Here’s a kid-friendly option — Breaded Fish Fillet. Crunchy fish fingers, garlic rice, side salad, and marinara sauce on the side make up this complete meal. Don’t forget the squeeze the lemon wedges over the fish!

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
Chicken Parmigiana (P220)

If you like your meal cheesy, the Chicken Parmigiana is your bet — breaded chicken breast fillet with melted cheese and marinara sauce with side salad and garlic rice.

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
Pork Teriyaki (P220 – on promo for P179 till July 31, 2015)

Don’t like breading? You can opt for the Pork Teriyaki which is incidentally being offered at a promotional price until the end of the month.

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
Glazed Pork Tocino (P180)

There are also Pinoy all-day breakfast selections like the Glazed Pork Tocino (Tocilog!) and Beef Tapa (P200, no photo available).

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
First Crush (P140)

I was ecstatic come dessert time because my fave First Crush was still available. It was the bestseller then and it’s still the bestseller now. It’s soya milk snow ice with grass jelly, black pearls, and brown syrup — the brown syrup is kinda like what they use with taho. This is seriously divine. One serving is just right for one person. Scratch that, I think I can finish 2-3 servings if getting fat weren’t an issue lol.

Just to clarify, Snow Ice is not the same as Shaved Ice. Snow Ice is fully flavored without any additional ingredients or toppings. It’s ready to serve as is because it’s shaved from something that resembles a solid block made of milk and fruits and/or other ingredients. Oh and it’s a lot less fattening compared to ice cream.

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
Sweet Surrender (P150)

Much as I wanted to stick to my fave Cold Layers dessert, I did try some of the other variants available like Sweet Surrender. It’s Horlicks-flavored snow ice (Horlicks is a malted milk drink) with chocolate syrup, tapioca, and horlicks powder. It was okay but my heart still belongs to First Crush. I find this a tad too sweet.

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
Avocado (P120)

Wow, this is another amazing must-try flavor. I make avocado shakes at home using ice, condensed milk, and fresh avocados. This is like the snow ice version of the homemade avocado shakes some of us are accustomed to… also made with real fresh avocadoes. Yummy!

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
Meant To Be (P150)

Matcha lovers unite. Meant To Be is green tea snow ice with red beans and cornflakes. I like the deep and rich flavor of matcha snow ice but I’m not a fan of red bean so this isn’t really fro me.

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
Chocolate (P120)

My chocoholic daughter would love this… all the richness of premium chocolate and the lightness of snow ice!

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
Salted Caramel (P120)

This is a new flavor. Interesting, but my vote still goes to First Crush.

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall
Something Cheesy (P140)

Cheese!!! Yes, cheese snow ice with cheese bits, matcha powder, and chocolate syrup. Need I say more?

Cold Layers Cafe Fisher Mall

Thank you so much Cold Layers for having us over! Hubby and I will definitely be back with the kids! So happy my favorite dessert is so much closer now.

Oh yeah, Cold Layers has an ongoing promo wherein their yummy snow ice is 50% off from Mondays to Thursdays from 10am to 3pm.

Cold Layers Cafe
3/F Fisher Mall
Quezon Ave., West Triangle, Quezon City

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