Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled!

My kids and I love love love Chewy Chips Ahoy. In the past I’ve blogged about Chewy Chips Ahoy Gooey Megafudge and Chewy Chips Ahoy Salted Caramel Chunk. There is another variant I bought which I had forgotten to blog about — Chewy Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled!

Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled
Thank you S Merchandising Corporation for the goodies!

I was reminded because the Philippine distributor had sent over some goodies and it included a pack.

Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled

From the original price of P249, I found this on sale for P219 at Robinsons Supermarket. We love trying out these unique Chips Ahoy variants.

Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled
Gotta love the resealable packaging!

Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled
Looks like an ordinary Chewy Chips Ahoy cookie right?
Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled

But when you bite it, the secret is revealed. The cookie is filled with a super chocolatey fudgy brownie.

Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled
Who would’ve thought you could stuff a brownie into such a thin cookie?
Chips Ahoy Brownie Filled

Yummy? Yes! Although I think I prefer Gooey Megafudge and Salted Caramel Chunk.

I currently have my eye on some new Chips Ahoy variants like Birthday Frosting Filled, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Oatmeal Chewy… hoping I’ll find some on my next supermarket trip! 😀

Chips Ahoy cookies are available at all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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