Because I want a brighter life…

I mean, who doesn’t want a brighter life? A brighter life for me means leading a comfortable life not stressing about finances. It’s being able to provide well for our family without giving up personal joys. Sounds so ideal, right? It’s easier said than done though!

Sunlife Brighter Life

Anyway, I’m not really a money-managing whiz or anything and my idea of saving is usually putting everything into a savings account. I know, that’s very inefficient and well, the interest rate of 0.5-1% is a joke but unfortunately I don’t know any better. I was recently introduced to Sunlife’s new site, and that’s where I saw an opportunity for change. Their Dream Calculator caught my eye.

Sunlife Brighter Life

The Dream Calculator is a simple app on the Brighter Life website which is designed to help you achieve your dream financially.

Sunlife Brighter Life

I gave it a go. Let’s say my dream is to go to Paris with my hubby. Based on info I’ve gathered online, I estimate that a week or so in Paris would cost us maybe P500,000.

Sunlife Brighter Life

Let’s say I want us to go there after a year so I can celebrate my 40th birthday there. Put in the dream, the cost, and the amount of money you’ve saved so far and the Dream Calculator will tell you how much money you need to set aside per month in order to realize that dream. In my case, let’s say I already have P100,000 saved up for the P500,000 trip, the Dream Calculator says that I need to either save or invest a little over P30k a month in a span of one year. If you want to invest and take a more active stance in managing your money, you can click on the investment options (VUL Insurance, Mutual Funds, UITFs) and they will be explained to you. If you still don’t get it, there’s a “Consult Financial Advisor” button you can click. Hubby and I have been trying to explore investment options starting this year and this has been quite helpful in clearing up some things.

Sunlife Brighter Life

It will take you to this form you can fill up. You will be referred to a Sunlife financial advisor who can give you advice on the best way to manage your money to help you realize your dream. It’s not always about getting insurance or educational plans, there are many things you can do — invest in mutual funds, maximize US dollars you have on hand… the financial advisor would best be able to explain what you can do with your money so it doesn’t just sit idle somewhere earning next to nothing.

Sunlife Brighter Life

Aside from the Dream Calculator, which is probably my favorite part of the site, there are a lot of helpful articles which cover a variety of topics from health and wellness to family life. I particularly enjoyed fellow blogger Frances Sales‘ article about preparing for a life of freelancing. Getting stuck in a 9 to 5 job isn’t for everyone and Frances shares a lot of practical tips on how you can get started on the path of a freelancer.

Anyhow, do check out for more helpful tips on personal finances and getting started on the road to achieving your dream.

*This is a sponsored post for Sunlife. All opinions contained herein are mine.

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